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The right tire maintenance The old driver might not know all

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        Cars on the road, the only contact with the ground components is the tires of the vehicle.The state of the tire directly affect the vehicle driving performance and handling performance.If in a car on the road drive puncture, for owners is an unfortunate thing indeed.Car tyre in ordinary also should do maintenance, as a car owner, we must know some tire maintenance of common sense on tire maintenance regularly, early detection of possible problems, to nip in the bud.
   Some netizens said she bought less than half a year to a new car, but also don't open out, is doesn't leave for home or travel long distances, usually in the parking lot is not how to open, the tyre should be very good, and the trip before their visual tire is no matter, also will be flat tire while driving.
      As "foot" of vehicle, tires for driving safety plays an important role, so it is very important for tyre curing.Often bask in the sun, don't often go out, or travel as soon as I come back washing the car, this is bad for the tyres, because just stop, tires still hot, encounter cold water, tire more easily aging or harden ".
      The right tire maintenance The old driver might not know all
      Tire maintenance is very important, at ordinary times should pay attention to check the tread wear
      Below, we introduce some methods, hoping to help in maintaining the tyres.
      1. The tyre pressure inspection must be conducted every month:
       Tire under-voltage and over-voltage will lead to abnormal tyre wear, shorten the service life of tires, increase fuel consumption may even increase the risk of a flat tire.Tire experts suggested that we (should) check tire pressure once a month to ensure the normal of tire pressure.
        Tire pressure inspection must be conducted in the tire cooling conditions.You can use the tire gauge or tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) check the tire pressure.Vehicles specifications will be listed standard tire pressure of various kinds of load conditions.At the same time, this parameter will be shown on the label on the edge of the driver door.
        The standard tire pressure of the tire is about 2.2 ~ 2.6 bar, excessive tire pressure increase the wear of the tire easily, may also cause blowout, and low fuel consumption and vehicle will increase turbulence.In general summer tire pressure can be slightly lower, the winter can be a little higher.
      2. Watch the tyre wear sign:
      Tyre wear tags inside the tire every main channel, is a section for trapezoidal convex sets of rubber.When the tire pattern to wear and abrasion mark together at ordinary times, must replace the tire.In the rainy season, in order to prevent vehicle in water conditions, tire tread depth must be kept in more than 3 mm.
       3. The tires have shelf life:
        Tire rubber products, so also can appear rubber aging phenomenon.The shelf life of tire and rubber is commonly 4 to 5 years.Tire and rubber after the guarantee period will be accelerated aging led to the decrease of the tire performance.
         Such as "9 McR0810" is a tyre production date code.Among them, the last four "0810", said the tyres are "10" in the first week of "8" products.
        4. Pay attention to four switch:
        If the vehicles on the road in the direction of running deviation, twist sink and unilateral tyre wear, these phenomena are to remind the owner should immediately to four-wheel vehicle positioning adjustment.Vehicles for the sake of the wheel, the front wheel wear faster than the rear wheels, to prolong the service life of tires, tire transposition, on a regular basis to make the tires wear evenly.Mechanics expert advice, front-wheel drive vehicles per 8000 km for a four-wheel transposition.
         5. Not all damage of tires can pass the tire repair:
         Not all the tire damage can be repaired.The following several ways we must change the new tires:
         1. The tread of screw and screw hole diameter greater than 6 mm.
          2. The tire shoulder or sidewall nails, crack or leak.
         3. Use the tire strengthening technology of explosion-proof tire firm nail leak after low tire pressure for a certain range.
          4. Ordinary tires nailed flat tire pressure close to zero for a certain range.
         As the saying goes "three FenYang tires, five points with the binary installation", and in fact, the service life of tires in addition to the wear conditions and mileage, also by such as weather conditions, road conditions, vehicle technology conditions and other factors, so the owner needs to check the car's tyres.Remind all owners at the same time, repaired tires more careful, you have to check.

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