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Production of green tire Our country many environmental stan

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      In march, China rubber industry association published the first green tire self-discipline standard technical specification for the green tire was tested.The specification put forward the clean production technology index, water pollutants and air pollutants emission limits, recommended 18 green tire production process.
      Scarlet, director of the China rubber industry association technical and economic committee recently in interpreting technical specification for the green tire pointed out that the establishment of "specification" for the upcoming Chinese tires laid the technical foundation for the establishment of classification and labeling method.
      Scarlet, according to a number of tire industry environmental standards is already underway.
The tire industries cleaner production evaluation index system of the written report to be completed in October this year, the national development and reform commission after the release will be implemented in the whole industry;Technical specification for the green tyre on a trial basis during all aspects of the views collected collect completed in November, and put forward opinions and Suggestions, we will continue to improve the technical specification for the green tyre;Green material guide written work finished in December, at the same time release environmental protection raw material guide;Green tire labeling system related products technical indicators, classification standard, test method and related program files, indoor and outdoor laboratory certification and other related documents in writing will be completed by the end of 2015.
       It is understood that in addition to the tire industry, rubber industry in other sub industries have also been included in the "environment-friendly renewable rubber association self-discipline standard.
      China rubber industry association for comprehensive utilization of waste rubber branch secretary-general Cao Qingxin told me that in early August, according to the division by the association, the organization of reclaimed rubber production enterprises more than 10 to the oil and chemical industrial rubber and recycled product quality supervision and inspection center offers reclaimed rubber samples for testing, to obtain the enterprise the current environmental protection reclaimed rubber with the eu REACH regulation, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) content of heavy metals limit test required gap, and with reference to the reclaimed rubber industry clean production level evaluation content, solicit opinions from the industry.
       In October, the association will complete set in accordance with the situation of China "standard of environmental protection association of reclaimed rubber self-discipline", organized by China rubber industry association technology economic commission after expert review, submitted to the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and rubber standard committee for the record.
       At the end of 2014, "standard of environmental protection association of reclaimed rubber self-discipline" will be released to the public by China rubber industry association.

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