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Authors efficiency global tire manufacturing enterprises

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      In order to maintain competitive advantages, in recent years, the world's largest tire manufacturing enterprises are taking measures to reduce costs, and reduce labor costs is recognized as the most direct and most efficient way.Based on this, the industrial robot is increasingly tire manufacturers are widely used in all kinds of logistics automation system, and intelligent tire production process.
      At present, the industrial robot application in tire logistics has been very mature.Application is becoming the trend of the industrial robot, including Michelin, pirelli, sumitomo, Goodyear, bridgestone, China, Japan, such as tyre manufacturers, production technology has its own intelligence.Industrial robots are widely used in the tire production, greatly reduces the labor cost, improve the production efficiency.Before that, each working procedure in the process of tire production need manual operation.
      In China, the tire business has a strong interest on automation, by trying to a high level of automation equipment, simplify the production, reduce costs and improve product quality.
      China will become the world's largest industrial robot market
      In recent years, Chinese industrial robot application field of the wide, development speed, is in focus.In 2015, the Chinese market will become the world's largest robot.
       At present abroad robot manufacturing enterprises occupy about 90% of China's market share, domestic robot company has been developing in the early stage, but development is very fast.The rapid development of domestic industrial robot application field, bring opportunities for the development of tyre industry.Although remains to be breakthrough in the field of automation technology, but in the process of tire manufacturing logistics automation system, robot has been widely used.
       As technology continues to advance, domestic tire enterprises demand for industrial robots, is expected to achieve explosive growth, especially warehouse and transportation system, such as rubber.

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