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Engineering tire mesa structure

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     Engineering tire tread pattern can be divided into three basic types: ordinary, cross-country decorative pattern and mixed pattern.Common pattern used for hard surface road tires, lateral pattern points (such as pipe) and vertical (e.g., serrated) two kinds, the pattern size of tread on the 70 ~ 80%, the pattern should make the tires and the road has good longitudinal and lateral catch on, low noise and high wear resistance.Cross-country decorative pattern used for road surface condition of tires.Pattern undirected (e.g. horse tooth) and directed (e.g., herringbone) two kinds, the pattern block area of tread on the 40 ~ 60%, and the pattern piece of thick, so that the tire with high driving performance and good self-cleaning.Mixed pattern is used in rigid pavement, also used for road surface of tire, the tread drive part by ordinary pattern blocks and blocks cross-country decorative pattern, the pattern block with a total area of about 70% of the total area of tread drive part.This kind of decorative pattern of the lateral can guarantee the tyre and the soil has a good grasp on, the vehicle can run on the bad road, is bigger than ordinary pattern tread wear.
     Bead is used to make casing is fixed on the rim and stretching of the rigid part is called the bead.Bead can make the tyre firmly fixed on the rim, and vehicle running resistance make the tyre from the forces of the rim.Bead on one side of the tire inner cavity called the bead toe, with one side of the rim edge contact called bead heel.Bead by steel ring, ring tire cord and bead package cloth, etc.Steel, plastic and steel by steel wire circle, triangle of cloth.Steel wire circle rims with rigidity and strength.
     Make the tyre carcass strength, softness and elasticity of hanging plastic curtain body is called bond.Tire body need to have sufficient strength and elasticity, so as to withstand strong vibration and impact, inherit the tires on the road with radial acting on tues, lateral and axial force caused by deformation of many times.Tire body is composed of hanging plastic curtain of layer or one multilayer, the curtain can make the body and the outer tube with the necessary strength.
     Sidewall on the tire body wall part, which is used to prevent the body from mechanical damage, and other external effects, such as mud, water, etc.) of the rubber layer called the tire.Engineering tire side is different from the tread is not bear the stress of big, do not contact with the ground, and therefore is not subject to wear, the tire is mainly in the condition of flexible work, so the thickness of the tire can be a bit thin, but it can effectively withstand multiple flexible stress, aging and should have good resistance to light and ozone aging resistance performance.It says on the sidewall tire trademarks, etc.
      Tread tyre and the road surface outside the contact called tread rubber layer (usually, the outer cover tire crown, tire shoulder, sidewall, strengthening area collectively known as the outermost rubber tire surface glue).Tread used to prevent the body from mechanical damage and early wear of passing car to the pavement of the traction and braking force, increase the tyre and the road (soil) catch on, and absorb the oscillation of tyres at run time.Tires in direct contact with the road surface under normal operation of that part of the tread is called a moving surface.Driving face face is composed of different shape of pattern block, decorative pattern groove, protruding part for decorative pattern, the pattern block can increase the tyre and the road surface (soil) to grasp and ensure the necessary sideslip resistance of vehicle.Decorative pattern groove lower called tread base, used to buffer shock and impact.

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