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What is a meridian tyre

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The history of the radial tyre

     In 1948, the French Michelin tyre company manufacture produced the world's first full steel wire radial tyre.The invention of the radial tyre is a revolution of tire industry, has become a new direction of the development of the automobile tires!Shandong tai lippo rubber co., LTD. 

     The international code for radial tire is the "R" because of its structure is different from that of bias tire carcass, some countries are called the meridional tyre, X tires, etc.

     Meridian tire cord arrangement is different from bias tyre, radial tyre cord not overlapping, but parallel to the outer tube section close to, like the earth meridian, cord Angle is small, generally to 0 °, tire cord not sustain the intersection point between body, when the tyres in the process of driving, crown ambient stress increase, will cause the circumferential stretching, tire body into radial fissure.Therefore meridian tire buffer layer to deal with close to a week to arrange cord layer, and tire cord Angle 90 ° intersection, generally is 70 ° to 78 °, form a rigid ring belt can hardly done, fixed the whole tire, limit the tire circumferential deformation, the buffer layer under the internal stress of the tire from 60% to 70%, become the main force of radial tire components, called radial tyre with beam layer.Tyre of main stress components are not on the buffer layer, the internal stress of the 80% to 90% shall be borne by the tire body fabric layer.Thus, radial tyre with beam layer design is very important, must have good rigidity, can use multilayer large Angle, high strength and not easy to stretch fiber material, such as steel wire or fiber glass, etc.

     Radial tyre cord fabric layer, wearing layer, tire crown, tire shoulder and bead, and banding tire body clothed with belt layer.Its features are: 1) the direction of the cord fabric layer is arranged in accordance with the meridian of the tire cross-section.Because of the cord so arranged, make full use of the its strength.Radial tyre cord fabric layer than ordinary general tyre is about 40% ~ 40% less, body is soft.2) cord in circumferential direction by rubber contact, therefore, in order to produce the large tangential force at a driving, meridian tire cord with several layers and meridional section show large Angle (and crossing Angle of 70 degrees to 70), high strength, not easy to stretch the circumferential annular belt beam layer of similar buffer layer.With high beam layer usually adopt strong, degrees, tensile deformation small curtain fabric, such as glass fiber, polyamide fiber high strength material) or steel wire cord fabric production.

     The advantage of radial tyre is:

1) grounding area is large, good adhesion performance, tread slip is small, on the ground unit pressure is small, small and rolling resistance, long service life.
2) tire crown thicker and hard wearing layer, not easily pierced;When deformation is small, can reduce fuel consumption by 3% ~ 8%.
3) because of less layers of fabric, the tire thin
4) radial elasticity, good buffer performance, large load capacity.

     Radial tyre fault is: because of the tire is thinner, tire crown thicker, in its transition zone with the tire and tears easily.Lateral deformation is large, lead to car lateral 'poor stability, high manufacturing technical requirements, cost is high.Shandong tai lippo rubber co., LTD. 

      Due to the radial tyre is far superior to ordinary tyre, therefore has been widely used in car, on the truck are increasingly used the radial tyre, such as dongfeng EQ1090E type, EQ2080E type, liberation CAl091 type, the Yellow River JNll82 type truck and cross-country car tires, are the radial tyre.

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